Why Does My Hot Water Turn Cold So Quickly?

Why Does My Hot Water Turn Cold So Quickly?

At Mena Plumbing, we often get asked the question, “Why does my hot water turn cold so quickly?” As homeowners, many of us often overlook our hot water heater. Yet, more than any other appliance, our hot water heater connects with other important household systems and affects our must-do home activities. We’ll discuss common water heater issues, as well as discuss how to fix them.

Why Am I Always Running Out of Hot Water?

Our hot water heaters allow us to do many necessary household tasks, including:

  • Bathe in a bathtub
  • Wash at the bathroom sink
  • Prepare food at the kitchen sink
  • Wash dishes at the kitchen sink or in a dishwasher
  • Wash clothes in a washing machine
  • Clean anything in the house by porting hot water in a container drawn from any faucet

You might not think about how much you rely on your hot water heater until there’s a problem. Typically, that happens at the most inconvenient times — whether you are in the shower or washing the dishes. Therefore, we will discuss the potential reasons why you’re running out of hot water so quickly, as well as how to fix it.

Types of Water Heater Issues

Numerous factors can contribute to running out of hot water too quickly. The causes can vary from household to household. It will also depend on hot water usage levels, the type of water heater unit, the age of the unit, maintenance habits and plenty of other individual factors.

In many scenarios, there’s no need to worry. A simple change in habits could be enough to prevent your hot water supply from quickly depleting again.

However, repeated water hot water loss after five to 10 minutes of hot water use may indicate a more serious water heater problem. These serious water heater problems might require a costly repair, an upgrade or a full replacement of your hot water heater. Therefore, identifying the issue early could save your money.

The following are common types of water heater issues:

  • You’re overusing hot water
  • The water heater tank size is too small for your household
  • Your hot water heater is tankless
  • There’s a build up of sediment or minerals in your water heating system
  • There’s damage or wearing to individual parts inside your water heater unit
  • The heating element is burned-out

So, Why Does My Hot Water Turn Cold So Quickly? And, What is the Solution?

If you continue to run out of hot water, examine your hot water heater as a possible reason. You can ask yourself some questions to figure out the cause of your problem in particular, such as the following:

  • Are multiple people having showers at the same time or within an hour of each other?
  • Are you running appliances that use hot water simultaneously?
  • How old is your hot water heater?
  • When was your hot water heater last serviced?
  • When was your hot water heater last replaced?
  • What type of hot water heater do you have?
  • When was your hot water last serviced?
  • Have you had leaks in the past?


We hope this answers your question, “Why does my hot water turn cold so quickly?” If you are still unsure of your hot water heater issue, or you believe you man need to repair or replace your hot water, contact us here at Mena Plumbing with the link below! Our professional licensed plumber can repair your water heater quickly to ensure you don’t go without warm water any longer.

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