Are My Plumbing Pipes Worn Out?

Are my plumbing pipes worn out?

Between each faucet, shower, toilet, drain and plumbing fixture, your use your home’s plumbing system quite generously amount each day — and for years on end. Corrosion and leaks will eventually begin to form, costing you money in high water bills and future repairs. Therefore, it’s essential to answer the question “Are my plumbing pipes worn out?” to ensure you prevent the possibility of having to spend so much on bills and repairs.

Are My Plumbing Pipes Worn Out?

If your house is more than about 60 years old, make sure to check annually for any exposed pipe—in basements, crawlspaces and utility rooms—for telltale signs of trouble. In addition, check under sinks in your kitchen and bathrooms.

Look for Stains

Look for stains on walls and surfaces underneath plumbing pipes that indicate leaks. Drips may not be apparent, but stains indicate a past leak that signals future trouble.

If your plumbing pipes are worn out, you may see stains underneath your sink or discoloration on your walls. For example, look at the ceiling of a room directly underneath a second floor bathroom. If there are stains, this could mean there is some sort of leak present.

Check the Tubing

Make sure to also check the tubing for the following:

  • discoloration
  • stains
  • dimpling
  • pimples
  • flaking

These are all indications of corrosion as well. If you find any irregularities, contact our plumber here at Mena Plumbing to perform an inspection and make any repairs as necessary.

Watch for Leaks

Even small leaks that are easily repairable may indicate that the time for replacing plumbing for your entire house is approaching.

It is possible that the original pipes in your home are the same vintage, consisting of the same material, and they have been subjected to the same water supply and usage patterns.

Examine the Color of Bathtub Water

Examine the color of bathtub water when you fill it, particularly after a vacation when water has been sitting in the pipes for a while.

If the water appears to be brown or yellow, this is rust. Rust is a sign of decay inside the pipes. This will require replacement of your pipes.


These are just a few ways to determine “Are my plumbing pipes worn out?” Contact Mena Plumbing with the link below for more information or to schedule an inspection with our qualified plumber.

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